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This work belongs to the Hartist’s Private Collection which he shares with the public at the gallery in full size.
original heārtwork is not for sale.

Woke up to a dimmed morning, the sun has not yet risen and the first rains of this upcoming winter are falling intermittently.

I’m reading a chapter in the book disquiet and the shadows of the letters becomes as heavy as the thick book in my hands, my eyes want to sleep and I fall into an enchanted deep sleep.

I am reawakening in this never-ending dirt road of the dead seas among the unwritten words in the foreign deserts that are so familiar to me between some-where and no-where I envision the ever-growing wax mountains that constantly growing, hidden in the middle of a narrow path, is the lighthouse of lost desires which covers with bricks layers of buried dreams dust.

I go up the spiral staircase up to the roof of the lighthouse and wonder to myself, why is there a lighthouse placed here when there is no sea here at all?

In the middle of the room surrounded by tall windows is a crystal ball and inside it, a storm is blowing, I approach, put my hands and feel the currents take over my body,

I see a world where nothing existed and there was a sea that disappeared before my eyes eons pass in an instant and I watch what is happening in flashes of fractions of a second.

In a distorted and unquantifiable way, I think I might be able to guess what happened in those frictions of fragments of time.

This genuine heārtwork of the time traveler is a reflection of an old and wise man and is one of my favorites, as it is not understandable at first glance some may say this is an owl or a monkey but only when you learn to look at the work and your eyes adapt psychedelia, then the time-trāveller than he begins to speak to the viewer, about his unique abilities to control time, he plays with the past and about to reach the incomplete future with his cosmic caped human figure.

Size: 55” x 47”
Materials:  acrylic on canvas & māgic, lots of māgic
Years: 2021-2022
Work capacity (painting)85 hrs est.
Inspiration: absolutely nothing I was aware of, it just happened
Schoōls:  illusiōn, evocātion, chārm, divinātion, transformātion, conjurātion, ābjuration, necromāncy, chronomācy, religiōn



Original Masterpiece


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