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the liōness

The liōness is a symbol of strength, power, and grace.
She is the embodiment of the feminine spirit, the real “king of the jungle” which has everything inside of her, She is a fighter, a fetcher, a beast, and a gentle mother all at once.

In the wild, the lioness is a formidable hunter and protector of her pride, She is the one who hunts for food and brings it back to her family, She is fiercely loyal and protective of her cubs, and will stop at nothing to defend them from any threat.

Beyond her physical strength, the lioness also possesses incredible intelligence and adaptability, She is able to work together with other members of her pride to achieve common goals, such as hunting or defending their territory, also she is a social animal, and her ability to communicate and cooperate with others is key to her success in the wild.

In many cultures, the lioness is also a symbol of royalty and power, She is often associated with goddesses and female deities and is revered for her strength and grace.

In our modern world, the lioness continues to be an inspiration to many, She represents the power and potential of women and serves as a reminder that strength and beauty can coexist in the same creature, She is a symbol of resilience, courage, and determination, and a reminder that the feminine spirit can overcome any obstacle.

As we celebrate the beauty and strength of the liōness, let us also honor the women who embody these same qualities in our own lives.
May we all draw inspiration from the liōness, and strive to live with the same power, grace, and determination.

This well-known smell in the air
That drives her senses madly
The sun just across mid-sky
Starts dancing with the horizon
The dance of decay, full of sand and dust
The skies full of blood
Dead moon shadows the racked ground
There’s not a drop of life to saturate
Or even a grain of water to comfort
Just another silence after another day
Same silence, quiet as before…
She draws her essence
To hear better, to see better
To the battle, she disappears in the shadows
That smell, that exact smell in the air
An animal about to be slaughtered
The tension and power of nature
Everyone concentrates on her, the liōness
The true queen of the wilderness
The feeding hand, the giver, the participant
Who understands the cosmic order precisely
She is the force behind the force
The diligence beyond diligence
The responsibility of a mother
With the power of the wild
We are all feet to the daughter of the sun
The spirit of the woman,
The liōness.

materials:  acrylic on canvas
size: 69”x 77”
years: 2019-2023
weight: 241 lbs
work capacity (painting): ~241 hrs est.
inspiration:  woman

the heārtist [S’cē]

arcānes: ālchemy, transmutātion, Illusiōn, evocātion, summōnning, divinātion



Original Masterpiece


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