PARTĒA (mad hatter tea party)


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(the mad hatter tea party)

the mād hatter:” Where is everyone? Hello? it is almost 6 o’clock”

the Queen of hearts: “did you see my cat?”
tweedle dee and tweedle dum: “but where is that cat?”
the mād hatter: “does someone see the cheshire cat? He disappeared  again
Ohh well…”

this heārtwork features a striking depiction of the iconic Mad Hatter and his hat slogan 10^6 which means a million choices in one moment of time, or it is just 10 min to 6 o’clock, whatever…

inspired by Johnny Depp in “Alice in wonderland” gazing directly at the viewer. Despite the lack of visible eyes, the Mad Hatter’s head is adorned with clocks, all set to just before six o’clock, presumably in preparation for the tea party exactly like in the book.

However, despite the apparent readiness for the party, the scene is notably devoid of any other attendees. Instead, the Mad Hatter is joined by the Queen of Hearts, who appears to be searching for her cat, and Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, who seem to be similarly perplexed by the feline’s disappearance. There are more surprises even in the back of the art.

The Cheshire Cat, a character notorious for his ability to vanish at will, is also mentioned, though his whereabouts remain unclear.

The overall effect of the artwork is one of whimsy and surrealism, with the various characters and their actions inviting the viewer to ponder the strange and fantastical world of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland.”

This work belongs to the Hartist’s Private Collection which he shares with the public at the gallery in full size.
original heārtwork is not for sale.

materials:  acrylic, wood, plaster, rope, ladder, rose
: 36”x 48”
years: 2017-2022
weight: 5 lbs
work capacity (painting): ~205 hrs est.
Inspiration:  Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland.”
arcānes:  transmutātion, Illusiōn, summōnning, trānsformation, ārithmecy, chronomācy, ālchemy

trānsformationāritmecyālchemyHPC NFS


Original Masterpiece


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