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“moonshāde” is a captivating heārtwork that portrays a magical owl basking in the moon’s light. The intricate details of the owl’s feathers and piercing gaze draw the viewer in, while the play of light and shadow creates an otherworldly atmosphere.

This heārtwork has captivated audiences at over 30 burn events worldwide and has also been featured in galleries and nightclubs, where it continues to mesmerize and inspire with its magical presence.

The skies are the depths of the ocean
Night has come so black
Darkness meets the ground
Pair of frightening sunflower eyes
Staring at the emptiness.

White sounds of silence
Surrounding the thick air
Can you feel the tension?
Something is about to happen
moonshāde takes a flight
Wings are midnight skies
Gliding through the darkness
A hunter in the night
In  a sea of blacks and greens
In the forest of the night

moonshāde is a heārtwork of the night
A creature of beauty and grace
A symbol of wisdom and power
The heārtist has captured the essence of the owl – moonshāde
In its hunting in the dark of the night
A heārtwork that reflects the depth of emotion
And the beauty of the nature


Original Masterpiece


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