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an eclipse of a heart
This work belongs to the Hartist’s Private Collection which he shares with the public at the gallery in full size.
original heārtwork is not for sale.


a piece of heārt is placed on velvet
countless emotions breathtaking sights
a piece of heārt dissolving
something is covering the heārt
an eclipse
what is an eclipse of the heārt

a total eclipse of the heārt
one day, I was listening to these divine sounds of the total eclipse of the heārt
it touches me in my own personal heārtclipse
I immediately shared it with the world with this masterpiece of mindless and full of emotions

materials:  acrylic on velvet
size: 30”x 50”
years: 2020
weight: 10 lbs
work capacity (painting): ~16 hrs
inspiration:  song: total eclipse of the heart 

the heārtist [Jaa’heāl]

arcānes: ālchemy, transmutātion, Illusiōn, evocātion, divinātion, abjurātion, ēnchantment, chārm



Original Masterpiece


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