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eternāl flames

on that one fateful day, I stood before the gray canvas, fresh from my blue period, lost in a sea of emotions and unsure of what to do next. it was the helping hand of my trusty old friend “don pānello” that pulls me out of that void.

I surrendered to the night’s darkness, becoming nothing but a pale light, the line yet to be drawn. the flame of turquoise and greens ignited within me, banishing the blues forever and transforming me into a feather falling from the diving sun, soaring toward the unknown.

I then became Sc’he, a romantic heteronymous inside of me with a burning heart, who had suffered greatly but still found a way to create beauty. it was within the fiery embrace of the eternal flame heārtwork that I discovered a new chapter in my artistic journey.

this mesmerizing creation, a fusion of the phoenix and the peacock, took over 180 hours of unwavering devotion to bring to life. I became a vessel for the burning passion within, transcending my own limitations as an artist.

as I gazed upon the radiant hues of the eternal flame, I was transported to a place where I was whole, a perfect union of the masculine and the feminine. I was reborn, a new being, forged from the crucible of love and loss. The eternal flame heārtwork is not just a mere artwork, but a 0testament to my journey, a symbol of growth, renewal, and the boundless power of the human spirit. It represents the triumph of the heart over adversity and stands as a testament to the power of art to heal and transform..

I treasure this māsterpiece close to my heārt, it means a lot to my development as an artist and a heārtist.


size: 40” x 76”
materials:  Acrylic on canvas
years: 2020-2021
work capacity (painting):183 hrs est.
Inspiration: Vincent Van Gogh drawing (b&w)

the heārtist [S’cē]

arcānes: ālchemy, illusiōn, evocātion, chārm, divinātion, trānsmutation, trānsformation



Original Masterpiece


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