diābolic jim / Jim Morrison


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diābolic jim  / Jim Morrison

heārtist like me (I’m the only one I know, yet but, well …), practice the different schools of magic from time to time, usually the school of Alchemy takes the major role, but that’s only because I create things, not every day I get to use Necromancy.

One sunny day, somewhere in late 2017, while I was playing the foolish role of the Necromancer, exactly while I was invoking the spirit of a deceased person, I met one called Jim Morrison, which conjured in front of my eyes with his current form of a demon, I call him in the alias of “Diabolic Jim” since. I have learned to contain such force within his own alias, Mr. Mojorisin.

In the notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci, it is stated that “Of all human opinions that are to be reputed the most foolish which deals with the belief in Necromancy, the sister of Alchemy, which gives birth to simple and natural things.

The act of performing medieval necromancy usually involved magic circles, conjurations, and sacrifices such as those shown in the Munich Manual of Demonic Magic:

Jim Morrison was a beloved rocker and the lead singer of The Doors. He was also sadly a member of the 27th Club. Although the official cause of death was listed as congestive heart failure, many questions still remain about the mysterious circumstances surrounding Jim Morrison’s death.

I’ve decided to show his diabolic side and called him “Diabolic Jim”

  1. The Door’s song “Riders on the storm” which inspired by spree killer Billey Cook, to show the differences between right and wrong, good and evil, love and hate, and brains and heART.
  2. Jim Morrison’s wild personality in real life, unpredictable and erratic performances, and the dramatic circumstances surrounding his life and early death at 27 years old (one of the 27th club members).

So I used a big zipper that enables him to have a glimpse of his human life thru his diabolic immortal shape of Diabolic Jim, the difference between these two worlds like in each and every one of us.


materials:  acrylic, wood, plaster, metal, zipper
: 40”x 50”
years: 2017-2022
weight: 60 lbs
work capacity (painting): ~170 hrs est.
Inspiration: doors’ epic song “riders on the storm”

the heārtist [Recanati]

arcānes: necrōmancy, ālchemy, transmutātion, Illusiōn, evocātion, summōnning,  diābolic, trānsformation



Origināl, Remāke (xx/10)


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