Black Swān


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Black Swān
In each of us hidden a black swan, is that miracle of creation that no one else but us could expect, the other in us that wants to break through and fully fulfill our being.
In cosmic terms, to meet the black swan within us is to be one with our destiny, with who we dream of being on that magical enchanted one moment before we fall asleep.
black swān” is formed on unique golden fabric with an emphasis on vivid acrylic colors and if you visit this heārtwork at night time you will be able to notice his wonderful partner, she emerges in the dark, taking form from his wings and swims aside of him and supports with her precious love.
Deep inside you must believe in yourself, you are your black swān wonder of the world that was created with love in order to love.
doesn’t matter if you are a prince or a princess wrapped with soft feathers and a smile in your heārt, a world of wonder means world’s wonders that was created in a black swān like yourself.

size: 50” x 50”
materials:  Acrylic on Gold fabric
years: 2018
work capacity (painting)43 hrs est. 
arcānes: ālchemy, illusiōn, evocātion, chārm, divinātion, trānsmutation


Original Masterpiece


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