being a heārtist

an ārrow strikes me and my heārt is bleeding, I touch an artifact that has long gone.
this is the time before times, and the whispers of the wind pounds roughly the silent story of my brushstrokes.
I carefully picked a teardrop from the skies and bury it deep inside mother earth’s crying eyes, which now are moistening the arid lands of the eternal desert.
I’m located somewhere between no-where and nowhere and I dive deep into the golden sands through earth’s core, then I’m flushed back to the exact meeting point of a canvas and my beloved “don panello” which is my trustworthy brush.
I am transmuting myself to become like a clear rock that is able to break the light of the sun into spectacular rainbows of art.

I am a heārtist, a wandering soul.
I came to that present clearly to become a whole.

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MY HEĀRTWORKS (masterpiece collection)

Voices For Children
& the heārtist
Voices For Children
& the heārtist
it's all about MĀGIC
heaārtworks are magical, it comes from the different schools of magic mixed with a zip of my heārt, that beat with the essence of lōve.
â - heārtbit crypto currency
â or heārtbit is the currency of heārts and other arts in our gallery. You can trade with your â to buy here or send us sofe unconditional lôve.
UV personālity
heārts are unique, kinda' one-of-a-kind thing, each heārtwork got different UV personality and looks totally different under the eye of the beholder (that's would be dark-light or UV light)
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Lēgends of ART
here you will find the best of the best, lēgends who were a part of the artistic side of humanity.  

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